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Six months / June 23, 2007

My mother has now been living at Garden Manor for six months, and here is where we stand: On the Aid & Attendance front, I reapplied in late February–four months ago–and have not yet received a decision. I had originally sent the application to the Providence, RI, office of the VA, but received an acknowledgement… Continue reading Six months / June 23, 2007

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Slow boat to the present / June 16, 2007

I’ve been mulling over the very insightful comments left by Marty and Gail on my last post. I think Gail summed it up well when she stated that “it’s the tension between ‘doing’ versus ‘being’.” I’ve always been someone who feels that the “being” will come later on–there is just so much that needs to… Continue reading Slow boat to the present / June 16, 2007

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Decision fatigue / June 10, 2007

My mother is much quieter when I visit now. Today being Sunday, we took off for our usual lunch and drive. My sister comes along, as does Jasper the Sheltie (who really doesn’t like going for a ride, surprisingly–he runs and hides when I approach with his harness. This is pretty uncharacteristic for a dog… Continue reading Decision fatigue / June 10, 2007

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The language instinct? / June 7, 2006

Although my mother’s memory lapses and confusion spells have snuck up on me over several years, I can well remember the first time I heard a language failure. I believe this failure is called aphasia, and we were in the emergency room after a long visit for a scary but non-life-threatening situation. It was actually the… Continue reading The language instinct? / June 7, 2006