Memory Lane webring / August 5, 2006

My friend Michael, author of Smoke & Mirrors, is doing something wonderful and creating a webring for blogs that chronicle personal journeys through dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease–The Memory Lane Webring. I’ve already joined this ring–if you scroll down to the new graphic on my sidebar and click on that, you’ll be taken to the webring homepage. If you then click on “Memory Lane link page” (in the left sidebar), you’ll arrive at the resource page.

Michael was the first connection I made after beginning my blog. I was trolling about the blogosphere, looking for others who had family members with dementia, when I came upon this entry. It’s one of many in his blog that eloquently deal with his parents’ struggles (his Mom died a year ago July 15th). He writes what I consider to be “blog poetry”–and when I read his August 3rd post about his intention to create the webring I asked him where I could sign up.

I’ve been trying to keep a list of active personal and informational blogs in my own blogroll, but the value of a webring is in having the official connection among them all–the graphical link that leads to the hub. I am more than happy to have my blog associated with Michael’s, as well as with any and all of the blogs in my blogroll. I’ve found some wonderful friendships through this writing.  If you’d like to contact Michael, I know he’s open to input about the webring–visit his blog or the webring.  I think it’s a terrific idea.

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